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Tried to negotiate, now being sued

101 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2017 1:43 PM | Other | Views(429)

I started receiving Go Via toll notices despite my tolling account through e-way. I called Go Via and spoke to a manager regarding the alleged $2656 I apparently owe them. I pointed out that as a toll account holder with a reasonable income there should not be any instances in which they could not have billed me through the appropriate chanels. I also highlighted that an administrative error on their behalf was not my responsibility to correct. They were like talking to robots and would not do a thing to remedy the situation. They requested full payment and when I said it was unreasonable and that I was unable to pay; they indicated that they would be in contact. The next correspondence I received was a bulky letter in the mail filled with inflated toll fines. Following this an email from SLF lawyers noting intention to sue if not paid in full within 7 days including but not limited to all associated legal fees. Injustice is not the right word for this. Especially seen as how Go Via is owned by a large corporation. (Non-government)

by Beau from QLD, 4301


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