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System designed to entrap with further fees

229 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 4 JUNE 2017 12:38 PM | Other | Views(170)

I avoid tolls always have since they stopped giving you the option to pay onsite when receiving the service like any other Australian business. However on the odd occasion I have used it I have received over the top administraton charges but always pay on the due date to prevent further charges even though I don't like being bullied into 1 choice.

On the 1st of April 2017 at 18.43 I used murarrie north in a car charged $4.39 + 23.46 administration charge. On the due date 3rd of June I tried paying the toll 3 times with internet banking error each time so I called go via network they tried forcing us to give them credit card details to pay the fine or we would be charged further fees. We don't use or have a credit card so after about 35minutes they decided to go over the biller code and reference number only to tell us that biller code on the demand notice had been systematically changed and was wrong and then they verbally gave us another billercode number.. I told them in today's world of internet fraud a verbal bank account number is not good enough so they would need to resend me the demand notice with correct payment details on it .. they continued to say they will not do that as a demand notice with false biller code option had already been sent. I asked to speak to a supervisor they tried to force me to supply a mobile and email address and told me supervisor was busy and would contact me later I continually declined until they told me there was over an hours waiting time for a supervisor I agreed to wait ... 40 minutes later supervisor had similar conversation with me and I told him he had two options one was to send a demand notice with correct details available to be paid on or before the written due date or 2. To waiver all charges related to this toll use.. he then changed his tune saying he would put in a request to waiver the fee I told him I would prefer the request of resenting the demand notice with correct information.. I then told the Foreign accented supervisor named Paul that I was recording our conversation and for the record I would like him to read back what he had written .. I was reasonably happy with what he said so I added that no further charges would be accepted as I was trying to pay on the due date but due to the system being set up to entrap people I was unable to.. also as I refused to supply further personal information I told them their only way of contact would be via mail.

by David from QLD, 4306


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