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293 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 31 MARCH 2017 2:42 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(393)

I have an account and a go via tag which I payed reguarly. My account wasn't topped up when I received my first toll on the mail. With no money at the time (single mum) I wasn't able to pay my $5 toll added to $300 of administration fees!
My go via account was suspended and I was no longer able to top up my account leading into a spiralling downfall of debt.
My fees were transferred to a debt agency in which I started a payment plan for $500 worth of toll and administration fees (actual toll amount was less than $50)
I was issued 2 infringement notices of $170 each, in which I entered a payment plan.
It was at this point, that my debt had been moved I was able to re open my go via account and have my balance at +$30.
It was a month later (of paying my fees on time through the tag) I received a demand notice of $270 from go via. My account balance was at $56 so I thought it is impossible to receive this! My tag is working fine.
After calling Go via, they laughed and told me that my account had a debt of over $1000. This is on top of my infringement and debt.
I asked to speak to someone higher up, when I was rudely hung up on.
90% of this debt is incurred from your $30 administration fee which not only is in warranted but also sickly implemented with no valuable reason for its cost- other then printing of a 1c photo.
A single mother now in thousands of dollars debt due to one unpaid toll spiralling into unexplainable and inhuman amounts of fees unplayable by someone with such little income.
I hope so dearly that the company of these roads (which have been payed for 10 times over) are very happy with themselves in gaurenteing more poverty for me and my child trying to just get by.

by Geena from QLD, 4350


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