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Massively Overcharged

296 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 29 MARCH 2017 1:33 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(244)

I had a tag attached to my car which I thought was working perfectly but little did I know it wasn't working at all. I drove through a toll 2 times a day which was supposed to cost me $5 a day. Due to moving house and living with people that never gave me my mail I received an email telling me my licence had been suspended. When I called and inquired as to why, I was told I had $52,000 worth of unpaid fines. Since then I have paid $5,000 but it is becoming hard an unreasonable as I can not afford to pay the amount they are asking. I had done the maths and if they took the toll amounts down to the original amounts I would only owe just over $5,000. When speaking to them and trying to ask if we can decrease the amount, they told me I should try and claim financial difficulty with my other bills so I can afford to pay them.

by Teila from QLD, 4573


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