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Debit taken from my account unauthorised.

254 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 9 MAY 2017 4:09 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(122)

We were debited $25.00 on the 24/04 then on the 27/04 and again on the 5/05 . I rang their help line ( What a Joke) and asked them why we had been debited on the 27/04 after only travelling to Brisbane one return trip on the 24/04 $8.78 and we were in credit $ 15.00 . So after taking $25.00 on the 27/04 we should have been $40.00 in credit. But no the help line tell me they didn't take the money and it was our banks error, but I said it is here in black and white on our statement from the bank showing these debits , which I was told once again they didn't take the money! Off to the bank I go, the teller showed me this I'd number that go via use, and it matched the earlier debit number in fact on their statement the bank showed us on their computer all debits from go via had this same I'd transfer number. So where do we go from here?? I sent a email with a statement attachment showing the debits, and guess what still haven't gotten anywhere with these Cowboys! I'm sick to death of them, and just wish someone with half a brain would take over their administration. Peter Taylor

by Peter from QLD, 4507


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