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Bad customer service and questionable practices

98 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 12 OCTOBER 2017 6:24 PM | Other | Views(25)

I owe them roughly $150 (for $31.50 of actual tolls). To date I havnt recieved any invoices (only demands). I rang to sort out a payment arrangement and was immediately knocked back and told to pay the full amount by the due date or it will just go to collections. I'm a student and was told any payment arrangement would be knocked back. Also, one of the demands was for a toll that should have been paid for as payment was organised over the phone within 3 days of the trip (but for some reason wasn't due to no fault of my own). Govia rep said that they would waive that admin fee as I had rang up and could see that I had paid - great perfect! But no, the rep, soon after realising I didnt have $130 to give, then proceeded to retract the agreement and offer me the waived fee only if I paid the full amount then and there. Anytime I disagreed or tried to sort it out I got spoken to like a second class citizen.

Bunch of dishonest thieves.

by Gemma from QLD, 4300


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