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Waste of time and money.

58 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 21 NOVEMBER 2017 4:50 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(33)

Brisbane tolls have been around since the 1980s.
Fact: These toll roads cost $400 million (combined) to build.
Fact: In the 1980s, the state government stated tolls would be removed once the monies from the building was recovered.
Fact: Queensland motorists are changed close to $150 Million per year since the 1980s to use just two of the five toll roads in brisbane.

These roads have been paid for tens of times over and we are yet still charged per trip. These grubby state governments and council, including GoVia, need to learn that this is not ok.
I didn't even know we had tolls here when I moved here, learning I was using them when I recieved $900 worth. Between other bills, my family have struggled to pay them as more fees are added monthly.
I now refuse to use a toll road and will do so until they are removed.

by Matthew from QLD, 4113


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