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Double charge after 1 yr paid or license suspension soon

304 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 21 MARCH 2017 9:42 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(171)

May last year I received a letter from city council regarding toll infringement not working due the not update of account when Airport Link was merged to GoVia. I called Govia to find out more details, as I was in emergency trip overseas during their attempt to contact me. The day I called GoVia, the consultant advise me to make a payment plan over the phone that she would wave the administration fees of $1,000. Any Human would take that ofeer, so I did go ahead with payments to Govia, refering to the infrigement letters I had in front of me.
ONE YEAR LATER, SPER is notifying me to suspending my license due those same infrigements refered earlier and already paid to GOVIa.
Many phone calls and emails - Govia said cannot do anything about it - as per KAryn ftrom Customer Care Govia. I have asked to review the phone call conversations - no answer to that.

Please whats the next and last resource to solve the issue they put me into - I made those payments already and they claimed it was for something else!
It is a lie - they cant deal with looking into further.
Much appreciate this space.

by Mariana from QLD, 4013


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