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293 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 31 MARCH 2017 2:15 PM | Other | Views(273)

My P-plater son didn't realise he was going through a toll road (thanks google maps). The car is in his Dad's name and as Dad is interstate for a prolonged period I discovered the overdue toll notice for $13 when going through husband's mail. Got on phone to try and pay but I couldn't! Apparently it is 'progressing' to the next level and they are going to issue another notice. They need to speak to my husband interstate. Who is starting a challenging new job, moving into rented accomm and really has better things to do than talk to a toll operator. I gave them his number as they suggested a 'conference call'. (Honey I know you're busy but we need to conference with Go Via). But he was on another call. We humans have lives, shock horror! Well they will waive the next level of charges if he will phone them next week. But that's what I'm doing now? Can't they just accept my payment? We are busy we dont need to muck around with these inconveniences. No. Can't be done as they have to issue a new notice. What happened to customer service?

by Helen from QLD, 4103


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