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is go via a criminal orginasation

176 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 27 JULY 2017 10:52 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(162)

I have held a go via tag for several years with no problems. When I purchased my latest car 5 yrs ago I gave go via my rego number .
I rang go via recently and discovered that the rego number was inputed incorrectly but all the tolls for the past 5 yrs were paid anyway.
When the error was found I told the girl that the rego was incorrect and we corrected it.
Now I have a default for a trip.
Soooooo.... I ring up and ask why.
Sorry sir, this tag is not for that car.
I paid a toll for the trip, where did the money go?
Your beeper is intermittent
Which one is it beeper or car?
Anyway the girl agrees to discount , I don't know what.
I tell the girl to pay the toll with my account.
Ok sir, have a nice day
Now a $20 bill for wasting my time talking to go via service reps that don't understand English
Can go via please give me any details of further business models that they have to rip money off people legally so I may use that and go into business for myself

by donald from QLD, 4179


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