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56 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2017 8:43 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(41)

I have always kept my account topped up using my Go Via blue card at the usual news agent.
Now the news agent has informed me on my last visit the card can no longer be used. He told me the account has to be paid over the net.
I do not and will not pay for anything over the net.
On phoning the Go Via office and telling them of the above. After some words and some tooing and froing, she said they would send me an invoice and then I could pay at the post office. This invoice should cost me $7.50. I told them I will not be paying for any invoice, so they said they would wave the payment. That would be fair enough, but will they?
We will have to wait and see, as I cant see how this will work as Australian Post take up to 8 days for a local letter.
I think I will end up paying their head office a visit.
Everything worked OK with the Go Via card, why change it.
If the truth be known, most of these toll roads were paid for long ago. Tolls now reduced to the original fee would be enough to pay for maintenance. It is all a massive rip off.
A study of the Australian constitution may be very informative.
Another thought. Tolls in the old days were always paid in coin prior to entering that road.
Food for thought!

by Albert from QLD, 4178


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