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$10,000 plus debt

123 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2017 4:03 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(229)

Firstly I will admit to being a bit slack at first with paying my tolls but when the bills started coming through I realised the extent and paid the bills that were coming through.
I called go via multiple times to check that my account was square and from there I kept my e tag topped up but whenever I used a toll my tag did not beep.
The cycle went on and on with me calling and paying but little did I know I was already in $5000 debt and whatever I was paying was being added on to that and not onto my e tag at all. Every time I used a toll road I was charged $175 roughly in "administration fees". As far as I'm aware it's a computer that generates it so where is the administrative fees coming from?

I had Dunn and Bradstreet harassing me daily asking for payments and I couldn't understand how I was in so much debt and every time I called my account with go via was square.

Every time I called I was transferred to India where they can't see into the back of my account. I asked to speak to someone from the Australian office where they told me I was now in $9000 debt but they couldn't produce statements that were over a month old.

I receive multiple packages full of my fines at the same time which again I couldn't understand because I was putting money onto my e tag.

My licence was suspended for 2 months without my knowledge but luckily I was never pulled over. My debt went to spur where I had to pay them $75 a week for the next 4 years. I have since consolidated my debt and $8000 of that debt is now in my consolation.
I tried to seek legal help however I "earn" too much for legal aid to support me and I certainly could not afford an actual lawyer and the charges that come with it.

I had done the right thing by paying the amounts on the statements and consistently asked the people I spoke to if my account was paid and they replied with yes every time.

Where is the justice in this? I'm 24 years old and could be saving for a house and enjoying life a little more however I'm swimming in debt that I was assured was all okay and was paid.
The amount of emotional stress and tears I shed over go via is ridiculous. I know I'm not the only one that has gone through this sort of thing and everyone else has been through the same emotional stress.

I really do hope there is justice for those affected like myself.

by Jessica from QLD, 4207


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