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96 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 15 OCTOBER 2017 12:53 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(29)

I hadn't updated my CC details on my account for a while and I had passed through tolls recently. Since my CC details were out of date my account went negative to about $22. It then said my account was suspended with prompt to pay the account, which I did. After checking it about 30mins later instead of having a balance of $0.00 I have a balance of -$1.19. How can they charge me for paying the bill? Technically there is no free method of paying your bill which I thought was a requirement of all service providers??? Automatic topup means that Govia has a minimum of $15 sitting in my account that actually never gets used, but for earning Govia interest on my money. As another user here suggested, $15x several hundred thousand users = a bucket full of free interest for Govia. Wouldn't be so bad if the Tolls got reduced to a reasonable level. Surely ACCC should take a very close look at this.

by Mark from QLD, 4501


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