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195 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 8 JULY 2017 11:04 AM | Other | Views(97)

Someone should really do something about GO VIA. They seem to be most incompetent , are other toll collectors this bad? We were going to go across the Gateway Bridge and back on 17/6/17. I started the process on my phone to purchase a GO VIA Road Pass as this was a once only trip back and forth on that day. Was extremely hard to navigate the website on my phone, took me 10 minutes but I eventually did get it done and said it was successful. Totally forgot about it and didn't notice no money taken from my credit card. Get a Toll Invoice for non payment with an extra nearly $10 because I didn't pay with 3 working days to pay or an extra $47. I phoned and asked why when I had set up a pass. She checked and said the pass was not successful on that day, when I asked why she said they were doing maintenance on the website and it was better to phone and pay. She did waive my admin fee (I Hope!!!!-may still get something if the stories about them are true)-but how many people are they ripping off like this????????????

by Jacky from NSW, 2480


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