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Paid my toll yet got a late notice.

100 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2017 7:21 PM | Other | Views(19)

I live in nsw and used the gateway twice in the space of one week. I arranged to pay with credit card like I do every time I travel to Brisbane but today I got a letter with late notice etc to the amount of $14. Not much I know but the fact is I already paid it and had received a payment receipt emailed to me the previous week. I called and got some rude arrogant so and so who proceeded to tell me that I needed to pay it or else it will be forwarded on. After a much heated discussion I got angry and demanded a supervisor to which I was told no, I must admit I did swear and said do your fkn job and get a supervisor and to my surprise got the response back "no I won't get a fkn supervisor" The phone call did not end well... I dont see how and why I should pay again and to be honest I won't as the proof is there. It's astounding that these jobs would be palmed off to the Phillipines in the first place. Would be nice to speak to someone in Australia to sort this out.

by Jay from NSW, 2450


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