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Roadworks costing time and money for work that's not necessary

258 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 5 MAY 2017 6:26 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(93)

I find it pretty wrong that we are charged at full cost for services that aren't provided. Toll roads are supposed to be free flowing and a means for congestion free travel. Yet they will close the entire motorway just so they can re-level bitumen that doesn't need re-leveling or replacing, I believe they do this so they can get around a loop hole to get government funding for "projects" attached to the motorway. You'll be held back in traffic for multiple hours while they close all lanes but 1 yet as soon as you make it over that bridge or exit Logan motorway you're still going to be charged the full rate to drive on that inconvenience of a road. I understand upkeep needs to be performed but when driving on the pacific motorway to the city you'll rarely be held back on already completed roads I've noticed it's worse on gateway and Logan motorways to drive on. Specially when they have 2 lane sections which are the main cause of congestion.. Yet they won't fix that, they will just ignore that and keep reaping the costs. Also the fees are ridiculous including one where they charge you just for "manually" topping up your account when in reality its digitally updated without any office staff involved to justify the cost of paying for it yourself. Just another way they scam you so that when your toll level is low they can literally take hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your account automatically even if it's a technical error. Cause they could say you owe $92 as your account is negative $72 which is BS but that leaves them being able to access your bank account to "direct debit" where as if you pay yourself they cannot steal your money since they don't have the dd authorisation to access your money... And sper needs to stop aiding I think they should be held accountable also, as sper isn't that great at notifying you of any wrong doing until you owe them thousands in administration fees....

by Mark from QLD, 4505


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