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230 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 3 JUNE 2017 10:56 AM | Other | Views(161)

My son was given a car by his father SA. Registration. He ran up 8 tolls equalling $19.79. These tolls were not paid as his father was receiving notices as he was the registered owner. My son suffers from a mental health issue which leaves him unable to at times deal with life. By the time I stepped in the $19.79 tolls had escalated to $1375. I was told these had been sent to Brisbane City Council and I would need to send a Stat Deck to say my son was the driver and all fees would go back to the original amount. The Stat Deck was sent to BCC. Because we had heard nothing I contacted BCC who said nothing had come over from Govia. The story continues and too complicated to write here. I have all dates and conversations written down. My issue is that the tolls are now over $2700 and increasing! There has been stalling tactics, misinformation and confusion. Please can you help! I have just been dyognosed with bowel cancer so am stressed enough. But I need to get this sorted asap! Please email chrisopherprice1234@gmail.com

by Carmel from QLD, 4113


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