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Trailer being charged a toll to run up the motorway on its own apparently

122 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2017 10:20 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(269)

For the third time this year I have received a fine for my semi trailer being towed behind a prime mover, when the prime mover has been charged. Obviously the trailer runs down the highway on its own, I was told if I added the trailer to the toll tag I may be still charged twice but it was up to me to check my statements to make sure that wasn't happening. I reluctantly agreed to add the trailer to the toll tag, and here we are again with another fine for the same trailer with the same rego obviously doing a run up the highway on its own again without a truck pulling it. I have spent so much time trying to fix this problem at my expense, I do believe Go Via is in breach of the Transport Infrastructure act by charging us for a vehicle that clearly has already been charged. When you phone you are treated like an idiot, I would of thought it is up to Go via to fix this problem, not send me threatening letters when the rego of the trailer is attached to a toll tag!
This is a rort, how many semis are running up and down the toll road and being charged twice, they don't seem to check and refund if you don't complain!

by Tracey from QLD, 4306


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