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195 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 8 JULY 2017 11:04 AM | Other | Views(96)

Someone should really do something about GO VIA. They seem to be most incompetent , are other toll collectors this bad? We were going to go across the Gateway Bridge and back on 17/6/17. I started the process on my phone to purchase a GO VIA Road Pass as th...

Admin Manual Top up fee

203 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 30 JUNE 2017 9:59 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(105)

I have paid my bill if $7.13 and then when I received my monthly statement I have been charged a Manual top up fee of $1.17 for paying my account. How the heck can they charge you a fee for paying your account that is ludicrous and theft. If I don't pay the ad...

Tolls Brisbane

203 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 29 JUNE 2017 4:38 PM | Other | Views(78)

Got a 150 dollar infringement fine for driving through a toll that I had not paid ( wasn't aware I hadn't paid it) came home to 10 toll demand notices sent in the mail ( first notice received for all) with additional $23.46 administration charges, all of the ...

Please help!

210 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 3:25 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(83)

I have been charged a demand notice fee on 22 tolls leaving me with a debt to go via of $750. I have a toll account, I feel a fair and reasonable charge would be 1 demand fee to cover all tolls which are unpaid for the month, not 1 fee for each single toll. I ...

No help

212 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 10:36 AM | Other | Views(73)

I have tried 3 times to set up a account but have been refused due to the fact I don't have a credit card. Now I've never had nor do I want a credit card, so why should I be forced to obtain one just for a go via account sick of the extra fees it's ridiculous...

What a joke.

217 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 15 JUNE 2017 7:18 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(79)

I got a notice yesterday I was $2 (!) in the red the other day. I remembered that my credit card had been stolen and had a new one. So I went into the site and changed my details and topped up. Today I get a email telling me that the top up failed. So I go in...

go via is a bunch of rip offs

218 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 14 JUNE 2017 3:04 PM | Other | Views(79)

went to servo paid tolls to go to airport return,now getting leeters from go via saying i didnt pay the toll,well go via get ur facts right because i want this to go to court,sick of you ripping people off

Fishy Accounting

219 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 14 JUNE 2017 8:41 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(104)

Something fishy about the accounting system at Govia. I have a fairly lengthy story but the summary is I believe that I have been over charged by about $2000. After quite a few letters and phone calls, Govia sent me a cheque for $960. How they arrive at this ...

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