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$20,000 rip off

344 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2017 11:49 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(200)

I moved to brisbane knew id use $50 aweek toll so i went in and set it up i told the lady on the counter my pay day was thursday and to take it each thursday she said ok now they decided to try on another day but as a single parent i live week to week so id no...

Taxes on Taxes

344 DAYS AGO | WEDNESDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2017 5:35 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(153)

Just checked my account and travel history, Still getting video matching fees even though my tag beeps every single time i go on a toll road. Sick and tired of paying up a for a ''Service'' that does not exist Extortion. Pure and simple.

Demand Notices Dumped in Common Areas

346 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2017 10:48 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(260)

Heads up, the latest game which Go Via (Qld Government) seem to be on a roll with... Is leaving your unit property number off the document they wish to issue and only print your street number meaning these demands notices etc.. are hand delivered (service of...

Invoices to wrong address

349 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2017 10:42 AM | Other | Views(290)

So this story goes back to Nov 2015. When i came to QLD temporarily for work, my address was updatr, alot of tolls had accumulated and as i was new to the area i never new what the consequences were of paying tolls late as none of these rules are stipulated to...

Demand notices sent for the wrong car.

352 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 31 JANUARY 2017 3:59 PM | Other | Views(241)

I was sent a Toll Invoice dated 14th Dec 2016 for supposedly my vehicle for a toll road called Heathwood East, I live and work in NSW and have not been to Queensland for over five years, I was working in Wingham NSW on the day the event is supposed to have hap...

Rude and unhelpful

353 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 31 JANUARY 2017 11:48 AM | Other | Views(228)

I rang to pay a toll for a crossing I dont want to do..i got funneled over the gateway. I rang 3 three times..first time, put on hold and disconnected second time, i was put on hold and disconnected Third time requested to be transferred to an Australian oper...

Let me pay !!!!

353 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 30 JANUARY 2017 8:21 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(212)

Unbelievable useless system ! Designed to make it as hard as humanly possible to pay in order to rack up the bill !! Tried to pay toll 20 times (screen shotted most attempts) have given up and am waiting for a ridiculous bill to come in the mail. Just give me...

Credit taken twice

353 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 30 JANUARY 2017 4:48 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(206)

I topped my account up with $25 but rang go via about another issue. The customer 'service' agent checked my credit and said that there was no record of the payment and would I like her to do it instead. I said yes, and then found (later) that I was charged an...

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