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Slow reply

329 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2017 4:38 PM | Other | Views(161)

Took 4 days to get "You can call our contact centre" from email enquiry. very disappointed and unhappy.

Top Up Fees

334 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2017 3:43 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(159)

This is a fucking disgrace!!! We are being charged to top our accounts up!!! Its bad enough to have to keep paying tolls on roads that have more than paid for themselves, only to have to pay a top up fee! For every 1000 people charged for top up fees they rece...

Toll divice didn't register

336 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2017 8:30 AM | Other | Views(183)

We have a toll divice fitted to our car, it's linked to my daughters, on the 4th Dec we went to Toowoomba and went through one toll the machine never registered, I rang my daughter to let her know and she rang the crap number that gives you an off shore operat...

3 seperate infringement notices of 170 bucks???

340 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 13 FEBRUARY 2017 6:45 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(200)

Had been busy with packing in prep to move house and changing jobs. lost demand notices and when i remembered randomly one night.. I went to pay online straight away. in order to pay online I had to have a reference number. But id lost the letters so couldnt p...

Who owns GO VIA?

342 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2017 3:21 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(283)

This ineptitude needs airing to media. Who owns GO VIA, and to whom can we complain at the highest level?

the most inept organisation to deal with?

342 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2017 3:15 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(181)

I recently added a new motorcycle using the on-line 'add a vehicle' facility. Fortunately having had issues with GO VIA before I took a photo (dated) of the screen evidence. To ensure that the bike was in the system I then immediately wrote (letter, not e-ma...

who is responsible

344 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2017 12:24 PM | Other | Views(130)

this system is terrible it needs to be fixed

20,000 rip off

344 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2017 12:06 PM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(170)

I moved to brisbsne a single dad. Needed to travel on motor way $50 a week went in sorted toll snd was told it be ok to come out each thursday witch was my pay day then to find out it was not coming out and go s big bill i could not pay and they were rude and ...

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