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468 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 10 JULY 2016 8:42 PM | Toll Event | Views(2372)
Toll Fees - A Chance to Change Things - Michael Fraser The Arbitrator

Over the past year and a half, we have been assisting and advocating for disaffected toll road motorists. Receiving hundreds of phone calls and emails from all over the country about how the tolling system is creating a world of stress and financial pain for customers has resulted in The Arbitrator campaigning for genuine change. Toll Fees – A Chance to Change Things is the Brisbane event hosted by Michael Fraser that will facilitate public discussion surrounding key toll issues and concerns.

Given the amount of people the QLD tolling system has affected, we thought hearing the issues faced by toll road motorists would be of particular interest to the tolling operator – Transurban (go via) - and those representing us in Government. With this in mind, we invited the Queensland Premier, the Minister of Main Roads, the Commissioner of State Revenue, the Brisbane Lord Mayor, and two Transurban executives to attend the event.

This event is the best chance we have to raise questions about the management of the toll roads, toll fee escalation, the role of the Tolling Customer Ombudsman, and the involvement of State (Department of Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane City Council, and State Penalties Enforcement Registry) in administering penalty infringements. We will also hear some shocking toll road stories that will be told by disaffected customers, highlighting the impact the current system has on businesses and individuals from all walks of life.

All are invited to attend this peaceful assembly. You will be able to voice your concerns and make suggestions about how a ‘suite of improvements’ might look if genuine change was to be achieved.

Location: King George Square, Brisbane
Date: Friday 22 July 2016, 12.30pm-1.30pm
Facebook: Toll Fees – A Chance to Change Things

If you’ve been stung by the tolling system and want to help us campaign for change, please DONATE as we don’t get paid to do this.

by Maddison Johnstone from QLD, 4216


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