Go Via Complaints

Have a complaint about Go Via toll fees?

Are you sick of unexpected & excessive toll fees? Do you think we should do something about it?

We have become aware of the large amount of complaints users of Queensland Motorways (Go Via) toll roads are experiencing, and we intend to do something about it.

We want to speak to you, if you have been charged any of the following toll fees:

  • Video Matching Fee: $0.48
  • Retail Service Fee: $1.19
  • Manual Top-up Fee: $1.19
  • Requested Statement Fee: $3.59
  • Direct Debit Return Payment Fee: $2.50
  • Tag Non-return Fee: $47.78
  • Toll Invoice Fee: $8.36
  • Demand Notice Charge: $23.89
  • Any other fee or penalty charge.
Toll points: Murarrie | Kuraby | Loganlea | Heathwood | Paradise Road | Go Between Bridge | Clem 7

This website is an initiative of Toll Redess.

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Tried to negotiate, now being sued

11 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2017 1:43 PM | Other | Views(74)

I started receiving Go Via toll notices despite my tolling account through e-way. I called Go Via and spoke to a manager regarding the alleged $2656 I...

by Beau from QLD, 4301

What other credit card payment does this?

28 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2017 9:49 AM | Other | Views(40)

This happened a few years ago. I used to live in NSW and was up in Brisbane. I had to go through the toll road. When I came back to NSW, I paid my tol...

by Meredith from QLD, 4152

Trailer being charged a toll to run up the motorway on its own apparently

33 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2017 10:20 AM | Toll User: Go Via Account Holder | Views(87)

For the third time this year I have received a fine for my semi trailer being towed behind a prime mover, when the prime mover has been charged. Obvio...

by Tracey from QLD, 4306

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